Morrow Mountain State Park

I’ve been to Morrow Mountain more than any of the other parks, as it is only a 45 minute drive from home. In the last year, I’ve been by myself twice, twice with my Girlfriend, once with my dad, once with family, and once with scouts. I have hiked almost all the trails at the park, used a canoe AND a rowboat on the lake, and been in the pool swimming. I have some experience there.

Morrow is a great stop for anyone. The road network in the park gets you close to almost all of the park’s main attractions. Hiking in the park is, from what I’ve picked up on, for those who enjoy the act of hiking itself. You can hike to the top of the mountain if that interests you, but you won’t get a better view than anyone who drives. I’ve only done two of the other three peaks in the park, but they seem to all have tree cover (no outlooks) at the peaks.

The park is well maintained. It is one of the older parks in the system, and you can see some of the history at the restored Kron house, the Quarry Trail or the museum located by the park office.

I’m clumping all the pictures for this park in one album.